In preparation for a meet:

• Gymnast hair must be pulled back, away from the face in a tight up-do. Hair should be gelled and sprayed in place around the facial area.

• Gymnasts should wear flesh-colored undergarments, or for younger gymnasts, no undergarments beneath a leotard. No white undergarments should be worn at a meet.

• All fingernail and toenail polish must be removed.

• All jewelry must be removed.

• Gymnasts are NOT permitted contact with parents during a competition. Do not call your child to your seating area. Do not feed or water your child during a meet. Do not fix your child’s hair during a meet. There should be no contact between parents and gymnasts during a meet.

• Gymnasts are permitted to carry water bottles filled with water in their gym bags from event to event. No soda or juice is permitted at a meet.

• Gymnasts are NOT permitted to eat anything during a meet. Gum and breath mints are not permitted during a meet.

• All gymnasts are encouraged to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables the day prior to a meet, and the morning of the meet. It is NEVER recommended that gymnasts “carb-load” prior to a meet. A light breakfast comprised of fruit and cereal or toast with a protein (egg, peanut butter, cheese, milk, yogurt) is a sufficient meal to get your child through a competition without over-stuffing her or causing a sudden drop in blood sugar.

• No flash photography is permitted during a meet.

• If a gymnast forgets a routine, she is instructed to signal the judge and remove herself from the event unless otherwise approached by her coach on the floor or balance beam area.

• If a gymnast becomes emotional during a competition, she will be consoled by her coach. If the emotion continues to persist, she will be removed from the competition area for the duration of the meet and will not be eligible for an all-around award.

• A meet is no more than another day in the gym for an athlete. We 100% guarantee that every gymnast registered for the event will make mistakes. We are human. With this in mind, the coaching staff at Kendrick asks that parents not place any kind of pressure on your children. There should never be talk of winning or losing within the family unit. There should never be a “pep-talk” issued by a parent on the way to the meet. The last thing we want is for your child to show up at a meet feeling nervous and overwhelmed.

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