2016 USAG Level 9-10 State Championships




Congratulations to level 9 Kippettes gymnast, Zoe Singer, who will be representing the Kendrick Kippettes at this year’s LEVEL 9 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Zoe is a junior at Carroll High School. In addition to the 12-15 hours per week that Zoe dedicates to training in the gym at the Kendrick Recreation Center, she also devotes hours each week to coaching beginner gymnastics classes at Kendrick and volunteering with Kendrick’s Special Olympics Program.


A former level 8 USAG State medalist on floor and vault, Zoe was one of the founding members of Kippettes Gymnastics in 2007, and one of the two very first Kippettes gymnasts from a Philadelphia recreation center to have ever entered and competed at a USAG State Competition.  In addition, Zoe represents a team record score on vault at her level 4 State Competition in 2008.


Once again setting a record at Kendrick, Zoe is representing  Kippettes Gymnastic’s first level 9 competitor at a USAG Pennsylvania State Championship meet. Zoe’s goal at Level 9 States is to qualify for Level 9 Regionals where she will have an opportunity to qualify for her first USAG National Championship.


We are wishing Zoe the best of everything next Saturday as she travels to Chambersburg.



Chambersburg Area High School

511 S 6th Street

Chambersburg, PA 17201



Saturday, March 19th

4:00 p.m. – Open Stretch

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