Kippettes in the Press!

Here’s a look at the Kippettes over the years:

Kippettes at a Glance by Leah Banks

Kippettes Program Fights City for Heat

Kippettes Hit the Ground Running with 50+ Competing

Day Two at West Chester University

The Kippettes Dominate at Silvia Mitova Invitational

2013-2014 Season End Wrap Up

Check Out The Kippettes Photos and Video Footage!

E. Shorr-Parks – 2012 – The Kippettes Forge New Ground as Philadelphia’s First Non-Profit, USAG Gymnastics Team

E. Shorr-Park – 2012B – Sports Writer, Eliot Shorr-Parks Takes a Looks at The Kippettes Humble Beginnings

Kippettes Exceed Five-Year Plan in 2011

Kippettes Train with Olympians – 2010

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